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Guest Congratulatory Speech

Congratulations on attending the 4th Busan International Literature Festival!

This festival, where the world’s litterateurs share the five senses of writing, has contributed to widening the horizons of literature in Busan through broader exchange and in-depth communication.

It is often recognized that greatest achievements in the history of humankind are the discovery of fire and the invention of the character. As fire enables our bodies to keep warm, the character within literary works changes our minds wisely and abundantly.

Exchange and communication play the most important and basic roles in literature. As the phrase “When different tasting rivers go to the sea, they produce one single taste” aptly describes, the city of Busan can be a place to join together and promote mutual prosperity and harmony.

I once again send my sincere appreciation to Mr. Jong-Hwan Byun, Director of the Busan Writers’ Association, and all the members for their hard work in making this year’s festival successful. I wish you all the best for the festival and hope it serves as a gateway to communicate with the world.

Lee, Hae-dong
President of Busan Metropolitan Council