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Guest Congratulatory Speech

Congratulations on the opening of the 4th Busan International Literature Festival in 2015. I hope this year’s festival will be a successful event.

This year, the festival’s topic is ‘Nature, Environment, Culture and Literature’ with participants from the U.S, China, Japan, Egypt, and other countries. The festival enables the participants to engage with the cultures of other countries via their literature and humanities, and it enables the city of Busan to become an area of international cultural exchange.

These days, the world is thirstier for communication than ever. I think that this festival opens a space where the writers and scholars who have different cultures, environments, skin color, and languages recognize their differences and engage in sincere communication through exchanging ‘literature’ based mediation.

I hope this year’s festival will be a precious venue to foster unity and communication among the participants.

I ask the litterateurs as well as the citizens of Busan to show their interest in and give much support to the festival. Once again, I congratulate you on the opening of the festival and send my appreciation to Mr. Jong-hwan Byun, Director of the Busan Writers’ Association, and the staff for their hard work.

Song, Young-myung
Director, Busan Art Association