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Guest Congratulatory Speech

Writers from home and abroad and the citizens of Busan, I would like to warmly welcome you all to the 4th Busan International Literature Festival.

This festival marks its 4th edition this year since its first one took place in 2012 in order to increase interest in and expand the base for literature as well as to set up a global network among writers in Busan and abroad.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to President Byun, Jong-hwan of the Busan Writers’ Association and relevant officials for their endeavors in preparation for this wonderful literature festival.

I know that this year’s festival, to be held under the theme of ‘Nature, the Environment, Culture and Literature’, will feature various programs including a symposium, special literary lectures and literary tours with the participation of renowned writers from six different countries. I believe that literature, where reality and the imagination meet regardless of generation or national borders, is a very efficient vehicle to allow individuals to harness their free-wheeling creativity and imagination.

I hope that this festival can serve as a platform for writers from many different countries to communicate with each other, and continue to grow as one of the most important events of its kind in the world.

Once again, let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to all participating writers. I hope that you can fully enjoy your time here in Busan in these beautiful autumn days.

Suh Byung-soo
Mayor of Busan