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Welcoming Address

It has been four years since the Busan International Literature Festival took the first step in 2017. The 6th <Busan International Literature Festival> is a 4-day event with the symposium theme of ‘Nature, Environment, Culture and Literature’.

Literature is a clear pathway to get comfort and peace of mind through lessons-learned and pleasure. Furthermore, it enables understanding and communication among writers and readers or litterateurs and critics.

The 4th Busan International Literature Festival is an international literature event where this understanding and communication is fostered. I feel very honored and proud that Busan, the marine capital of Korea, is the host of this festival.

Internationally renowned writers and scholars from six countries including Korea will participate in this festival to deliver the lectures and lead the discussions. My sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Byung-soo Suh, the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City, and Mr. Hae-dong Lee, the Chairman of Busan Metropolitan City Council, as well as other staff involved. I hope this festival will create plenty of wonderful memories for both the distinguished guests from abroad and the participants from other cities in Korea.

Kim Geom Soo
The Organizing Committee Chairman of
Busan International Literature Festival
The President of Busan Writers’ Association