Invitation to The 5th Busan International Literature Festival
You are cordially invited to the Fifth Busan International Literature Festival. Professionals from the USA·China·Japan·Canada·Turkey and Korea will discuss and share the theme of 'Aesthetics and Religion in Literature.'
4th BILF Official Poster

Dates October 22nd(Thur)~24th(Sat), 2015(3days)

Place Busan Culture Center, Pukyong National University

Invitation to The 3rd Busan International Literature Festival
The 3rd Busan International literature Festival is cordially inviting you to join a lot of literary scholars and writers to discuss and present the topic of "Myth, Literature and National identity"

김 검 수 조 경 근 피터 히치콕 스티븐 리더
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류 닝 후세인 이잇트 김 승 철 오 인 용
김 주 영 안 도 현 신 혜 원 김 경 연
정 철 민

Literature can be understood as a way of understanding human existence and the world, expressing a love for humanity, interpreting the human condition and rescuing humans in crisis. As literature embodies within it the world of philosophy that loves wisdom and the world of religion that loves humans, literature can itself be concluded as a philosophy and religion.

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